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Summer in Perry County

I love summer. I love picnics.  Bike rides.  Swimming. Carnivals.  Heck, I don’t even mind mowing the grass.  And, as much as I love summer, experiencing it in Perry County is an added bonus.  In the last few weeks, I’ve had the joy of swimming at Little Buffalo State Park, riding my bike along country roads, visiting Butcher’s Farm Market for fresh produce and baked goods, and spending more than I should have on flowers at New Blooms Greenhouse.  I’ve stocked up on soda (and other beverages)at Newport Beverage, grabbed picnic supplies at Giant and Karns, and enjoyed rides and fireworks at the New Bloomfield Carnival.  Now, I’m gearing up for the Perry County Fair in August.

As I travel around the county, I realize more and more how everything I need is right here.  I can fill my prescriptions at the Bloomfield Pharmacy or West Perry Pharmacy. I can even do a little gift shopping while I’m there.   I can grab ice cream at Hall’s (I highy recommend peanut butter ice cream with fudge topping, nuts and a healthy dose of whipped cream!). I can grab lunch at Espresso Yourself Cafe and dinner at The Ranch House or Red Rabbit Drive In.

I can get everything I need embroidered for my cheerleading program at Artist Image and I can print our programs at Perry Printing.  I can shop for birthday presents (or myself) at My Wife’s Barn, Hearts Design at Needful Things, Carpetbagger Collectibles, PCCA Gallery and Junk and Jazz Eclectic Boutique.

The possibilities are just endless.  So before you venture over the mountain or up the river, do me a favor.  Visit our Membership Directory first.  I’ll bet you find just what you need in your own backyard.

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