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From the Ashes Rises Perry County Pride

On Monday, November 3, Perry County lost a historic treasure.  The Dellville Bridge was intentionally destroyed at the hands of an arsonist.  The loss is devastating enough, but to know that someone chose to destroy a part of our history upon which thousands of memories have been made is incomprehensible.  It will be sad to drive down the hill and not see the bridge to my right as I cross the new span.  The landscape won’t be the same.  It is a loss that is being felt throughout our county and beyond.

The Dellville Bridge was built in 1889 by Andrew Clouser.  It was both the longest (at 174 feet) and widest (at 20 feet) in Perry County.  It was originally a single-span bridge, but a center pier was added in 1932 and steel I-beams in 1957.  The Bridge was rebuilt in 1973 by Stephen J. Esh after it was damaged by Hurricane Agnes and flooding in 1972 and again repaired in 1997 after Hurricane Fran in 1996.  Dellville Bridge stood the test of time and was the backdrop to countless prom and wedding pictures, picnics, dates and courtships.  Up until five years ago, the Bridge was in daily use for car traffic.

But what one hand has attempted to destroy, the many hands of Perry County citizens have come together to turn tragedy in an example of the power of pride.  Perry County Pride.  There’s nothing like it.  In less than  a week, donation accounts have been set up, projects are being planned, and efforts underway to raise money in the hopes of rebuilding the Dellville Bridge.  It is uncertain at this time if the bridge will be rebuilt; that depends on engineering reports and brains far wiser than mine.  If the bridge cannot be rebuilt, the funds raised will be used to maintain and protect the county’s 14 other bridges.

We were reminded on Monday that few things are permanent.  Wood burns.  Historic landmarks fall into disrepair.  But what I know, now more than ever, is that Perry County Pride is indestructible.

A Look Back…and Forward

On Saturday, April 11, the Chamber held its Annual Dinner.  It was my second as your Director and it exceeded all expectations.  From sponsorships, to in-kind donations, to attendance, the results were impressive.  Eighteen sponsors (including three non-profit sponsors; our first year for a non-profit category); 12 […]

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Chamber Committees and Opportunities

Being a Chamber member has a lot of benefits.  The obvious ones are exposure, networking, professional development opportunities and member-to-member discounts.  But, a less used benefit is the opportunity to get involved in Chamber committees and projects.  We are always looking for members to join us and […]

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Summer in Perry County

I love summer. I love picnics.  Bike rides.  Swimming. Carnivals.  Heck, I don’t even mind mowing the grass.  And, as much as I love summer, experiencing it in Perry County is an added bonus.  In the last few weeks, I’ve had the joy of swimming at Little […]

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There’s Never a Good Time

I just had a meeting this morning with Jody Graybill of the Bucknell Small Business Development Center.  We were talking about the great programs and assistance they have for businesses.  We are hoping to partner to bring a few training/informational programs to the County this fall. It […]

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Warm Weather – Fairs and Festivals!

When I think of rural living, I think festivals and fairs.  I can remember as a kid always looking forward to the local carnival in New Cumberland where I grew up.  Maybe it’s a reminder of my childhood, but I love carnivals and fairs.  Or, perhaps it’s […]

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We Are Here To Help! Understanding Your Chamber.

We are YOUR Chamber In the last few weeks, I’ve become aware that many of our members aren’t really sure HOW the Chamber can help them. Last week, I had a wonderful lunch with a member who is celebrating a business anniversary.  We brainstormed ways to market […]

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Annual Dinner – First-Timer’s View

April 5 will be the Chamber’s Annual Dinner.  As Chamber Manager, my focus has been on working with the Board on the logistics of the event, making sure we’ve crossed our T’s and dotted our I’s as we prepare.  But yesterday, as I sat in an interview […]

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We Never Know it All

Denis Waitley, author of the well-known Psychology of Winning, sums up learning like this, “All of the top achievers I know are life-long learners. Looking for new skills, insights, and ideas. If they’re not learning, they’re not growing… not moving toward excellence.” I couldn’t agree more.  I […]

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Happy New Year! Now What?

Happy New Year!  Now What? This week, millions of people will begin their New Year’s Resolutions. Statistics say that about 8% will be successful.  Ever wonder where this tradition started? Historians track the origin of this custom to the ancient Babylonians, who used the new year to […]

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Christmas Spirit

One of the things I love most about Perry County is the generosity of its people.  Maybe it’s the rural lifestyle that harkens back to a time when people looked after each other.  I love how friendly people are – waving  to complete strangers as we pass […]

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